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Thursday, July 07, 2005

About Me

This is a new blog that I created today, July 7th, 2005.

I'm 31-year old, single female that lives in Mesquite, Texas. Currently, I'm staying with my parents, but I hope that will soon change. Still having your parents trying to tell you what to do is frustrating. I'm constantly knocking heads with my father. Our views on life are no where close to each other. I love my freedom of being independently single. I can go and do whatever I want to do when I want to do it. Though, my mother still frowns on some of my decisions.

I also have a Michael Jackson fanclub here in Texas that I started about 3-4 months ago. The group is called MJ's Texas LoneStars. We're in the process of building a website and message board. So far, there are over thirty members in the club Texas-wide. This blog space will cover many of the things we do with the club.

I've been a fan of Michael's since I was around nine years old. I first discovered him when I saw him on the Motown 25 Anniversary show where he debuted the moonwalk. I was mesmerized by his talent. That Christmas, I asked my mother to buy me his album. From there, I haven't looked back. You'll be learning alot more about Michael, the real man and musician, not the tabloid Wacko Jacko that the media loves to push down the public's throats. The Michael Jackson that I know is no where near that of the fictional Wacko Jacko.

My other interest is sports, particularly basketball. I am a big fan of the Dallas Mavericks. My best player on that team is Dirk Nowitski, who has been in the league for a few years. He came to us from Germany. He is turning into one of the elite basketball players in the game right now. One day we will win that championship!

My character is complex. When you first meet me, I'm very introverted. I don't open up to people until I get to know you better. When I become comfortable with someone, then I am a clown and big kid. Well that is what I've been called anyway. I love to make people laugh and almost always have a smartass remark.

Well enough about me for now. In this blog, I will share my opinions on current topics, and stories that is going on with me, my fanclub, and my circle of friends. I just need to figure how all this works first. So bare with me.


Blogger nikki said...

Hello. I am a fellow Texan (trapped in Oklahoma right now) and a supporter of Michael Jackson's. How can I join the Texas LoneStars? Thanks!

Sunday, November 08, 2009 3:44:00 PM  

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