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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Haven't been here in awhile

Okay, I totally forgot about this blog. lol It took me FOREVER to get back here too. When you are trying to recover your password and want Blogger to email it to you...they only send you a link and tell you what blog you are subscribed to. ARGH! I don't want that! I wanted my damn password so I could sign in!!! <_<

But, with another email account....haha...I'm back here! YES! :)

One of the reasons why I'm back is because there are a few people that have blogs now and I want to post in theirs. lol

One is Taj Jackson's blog: http://deedeeskid.blogspot.com/ and the other one is Aprhodite Jones blog: http://michaeljacksonconspiracy.blogspot.com/

Taj is the son of Tito Jackson, who is the brother of Michael Jackson, which makes Taj Michael's nephew. That's just for those of you that aren't familiar with family lineage. lol

Aphrodite Jones, who I loathed until recently, is a book author/media panelist that has appeared on various networks such as CNN, FoxNews...to name a few. She was once a Michael Jackson hater who told half-truths during her appearances on the before mentioned networks. But after the trial and the God-willing NOT GUILTY verdicts, she had a revelation, a wake-up call or whatever and actually looked into the evidence. GO FIGURE! You would think that if someone was going to go on TELEVISION where MILLIONS of PEOPLE were watching, you would have already gotten the facts of the case, looked at the evidence and then could make a non-biased opinion and present those facts to the public. Riiiiight???? NOPE! GUESS AGAIN!

Welp, Ms. Jones has now written her book Michael Jackson Conspiracy and is blasting the media...the very media that she was apart of. Now she acknowledges that she was part of the pack that sought out to make Michael look guilty and slanted stories for the persecution (I didn't get that wrong). So, I can be a forgiving person....she's gone on some shows and even to a CHURCH with Michael Jackson's incredible defense attorney, Thomas Messereau, to spread the gospel that the national media can be a bunch of blood-sucking, stupid, ignorant, following the lead of others (that probably "kneed" down to the persecuters (mmmhmmm), pack of liars that almost sent an innocent man to prison for over 20 years. Okay, I'm still a little bitter. Okay....alot bitter! Why? Because I'm a fan of Michael's? That's one of the reasons, but one of the major reasons is that I lost faith in the media that is suppose to give the public the truth...not become part of the story...and to be the ones that held our politicians/leaders/prosecutors/judges/lawyers/mayors/President (aka stupid asshole) accountable. Now, with the trials of Michael Jackson displayed throughout the media, I've become jaded to the media and what they say and stand for.

There are still a few outstanding journalists like the Associated Press' Linda Deautsch. I got to meet her in Santa Maria one afternoon after one of the pre-trial hearings was over. We had a nice little discussion. She's a bright light that shines and makes me believe that there may still be hope for some serious journalists that don't get caught up in trying to bring someone famous down because they themselves can make millions off another person's misery.

Okay, I think I chatted enough...lol Hope I didn't bore you....until next time...I'm an outtie! :)


Blogger Classy said...


I read your post, and am just about to read Aphrodite Jones' book on the Jackson case. I have always been conscious of one of the most famous examples of American literature: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Throughout Jackson's ordeal stretching over a decade now, I am reminded how Mayella Ewell (young white woman) accuses Tom Robinson (black farm worker) of rape in order to cover up her attempted seduction of him from the white community she lives in. Then I thought about what would be (in the eyes of the public) one step worse than rape? Now that Mr Jackson is at last emerging from the unimaginable trauma he's weathered, we have in the UK another story emerging: this time from a well known socialite Ms Peaches Geldof - Sir Bob Geldof's daughter. She claims that Jackson "stroked her" when she was 8 years old. I've seen the footage on TV where she talks about this and it is clear what sort of woman she is from the way she is so keen to reveal this experience. Again - one step worse than the Mockingbird example: a silly little white girl suggesting improper conduct by a black public figure. And all packaged up infront of a suspicious public, a white panel of guests, and a hungry media that is determined to continue persecuting this wonderful man.

The press reporting on this story has been completely slanted, as you can't pick up how salacious and cheap this woman is unless you bother to view the footage. The Sun (a tabloid and major Jackson hater) ran the story, full of innuendo as expected. I find it utterly disturbing that no-one has a problem uttering such incriminating innuendos these days: it is only because of the US legal system that a man like Jackson isn't lynched - and it is because of the media that he is publicly assassinated...

Though I am waiting with trepidation for Ms Jones' book to arrive, I never had any doubt that the charges bought against Mr Jackson were utterly false. But I do have a feeling that Jackson will eventually be driven to defend himself publicly - and maybe privately, with a few lawsuits.

Do keep writing - it's so important that people read the other side of the story.




Saturday, March 14, 2009 10:00:00 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

it is my understanding that MJ is living in the uk recovering from a serious illness. is this true?

Sunday, June 06, 2010 7:24:00 AM  

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